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Launched in 2013, the BelAZ 75710 is the world's largest dump truck with 450 tons load capacity. (Wikipedia)
This 3D model has opening doors, a reclining bed, and rotating wheels.
A beautiful sturdy construction project for hobbyists and engineers.


  • Eco-friendly sustainable material.
  • Very high precision with laser-cut plywood with amazing details.
  • All-inclusive boxes, self-assembly.
  • No messy glue is required.
  • Clear colorful step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • The model includes candle wax for gears, sandpaper, and rubber bands.
  • Very sturdy construction.
  • Can be painted with thin water-based paints, except for the gears, not to obstruct the mechanisms.


Watch these tips before starting:

Belaz 75710 Construction Kit

SKU: AV0523501
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