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This game set is a 2-in-1 construction kit: Assemble this product and get a compact and unique travel game set. It includes 2 ancient board games to rediscover:


  • Royal Game of Ur: a two-player strategy board game from mesopotamia from c.2600 BCE. At one point, the events in the game were believed to reflect a player's future and convey messages from deities. Mostly forgotten, it was rediscovered around 1922 by English archeologist Sir Leonard Woolley. (source Wikipedia)


  • Senet: a board game from ancient Egypt, from c. 2620 BCE. Scenes found in Old Kingdom tombs, reveal that Senet was a game of position, strategy, and a bit of luck. (source Wikipedia)

Kit includes assembly instructions and rules of the games.

Eco-friendly sustainable material.Very high precision laser-cut plywood with amazing details. All-inclusive boxes, self-assembly. No messy glue is required.

Gameset UR & Senet

SKU: AV0523313
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