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A functional wooden model of Leonardo Da Vinci's Hydraulic Saw. 
It demonstrates how an industrial hydraulic saw works. By using a clever mechanism, the saw is powered by water from a stream, allowing it to both move the log forward and cut it in half.
Our designers aimed to closely replicate Da Vinci's original sketches with this model.
It's enjoyable to put together and provides an educational opportunity to learn basic STEM principles, such as movements, forces, and their application in Math and Physics.
The assembly process is divided into smaller steps, allowing students to work in smaller groups and significantly reduce total assembly time. 
The instructions are easy to follow, providing step-by-step guidance.
Once assembled, this model is fully functional, allowing for experimentation and the actual cutting of a "log."Eco-friendly sustainable material made of wood.
No messy glue required. 
Clear colourful step-by-step assembly instructions.Very high precision laser-cut plywood with amazing details.All inclusive boxes, self assembly.


SKU : AV0118201
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