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This compact Puzzle-2 Penrose Mosaic is fun to put together and will provide ongoing entertainment afterwards.
The objective is to arrange the inner pieces within the tray.
Discovered by the British Mathematician, Sir Roger Penrose, the Penrose tiling lacks translational symmertry and does not repeat regurlarly.
The golden ratio guides the sizes and angles of shapes in Penrose mosaics, making them visually pleasing and harmonious.
For a greater challenge, flip the pieces over and attempt to rearrange them without using the lines on the front.
Can be easily painted or colored to your liking. 
Includes a lid to secure the pieces and a small hole for attachment to a keyring or lace.Wooden Puzzle with very high precision plywood pieces.
No messy glue required. 
Clear colourful step-by-step assembly instructions.
Very sturdy construction.All inclusive boxes, self assembly.Clear colourful step-by-step assembly instructions.


SKU : AV0118114
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